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Pins proximal for a hip, Kiev

Pins proximal for a hip, Kiev
  • Pins proximal for a hip, Kiev
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Country of manufacture:Hungary

Pins proximal for a hip

Material:nerzh. steel or alloy of the titan
In case of alloy of the titan the first figure will be 3
Tool: 94660-00000

"East-Medservice" is the specialized company in the field of traumatology, orthopedics and neurosurgery. We offer the wide product range:
Pins intramedulyarny kanyulirovanny for a shin, a hip, a shoulder, the Gamma core, a pin vertelny type Z, a pin retrograde femoral.
The blocked uglostabilny plates - small plates, the reconstructive blocked plates, plates for a disteel condyle of a hip, a plate for a disteel condyle of a shin, a plate uglostabilny for a neck of a shoulder, a plate rezbostabilny.
Sets of the tool for installation of intramedulyarny cores, sets of the tool for installation of the blocked uglostabilny plates.
Screws are kortikalny, malleolyarny, spongiozny, kanyulirovany kortikalny, kanyulirovany spongiozny, screws kortikalny uglostabilny, screws spongiozny uglostabilny, screws kortikalny rezbostabilny, screws the spongiozny rezbostabilny, blocking screws for intramedulyarny cores, anchor screws, microscrews.
Plates of the joint-stock company - reconstructive, plates small, plates straight lines narrow, plates straight lines wide, plates 1/3 tubular, plates 1/2 tubular, a plate "a leaf of a clover", plates G-shaped, plates T-shaped.
Ilizarov's device.
Kirchner's spokes, spoke with an emphasis, a wire serklyazhny, Shteyman's cores, Shants's cores, cores conic.
Plates are microsurgical, screws for microsurgery.

Country of manufacture:Hungary
Information is up-to-date: 25.07.2018
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