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  • Intramedullyarny pins, pins proximal for a hip

Intramedullyarny pins, pins proximal for a hip

Intramedullyarny pins, pins proximal for a hip
  • Intramedullyarny pins, pins proximal for a hip
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9900 UAH
Country of manufacture:Hungary

Intramedullyarny pins, pins proximal for a hip

Material:nerzh. steel or alloy of the titan
In case of alloy of the titan the first figure will be 3
Tool: 94660-00000

LLC Vostok-Medservice is the specialized company in the field of traumatology, orthopedics and neurosurgery, and also the exclusive representative of the Hungarian manufacturing plant Medimetal Kft in Ukraine who makes thousands of names of implants from high-quality stainless steel and the titan. Our company offers a wide range of the medical equipment and a surgical instrument. The main advantages of production the offered Vostok-Medservice company is the quality ratio, reasonable price, and also the tool, convenient, intuitively clear for the doctor. Realizes goods of medical appointment: Intramedulyarny pins, the blocked plates, the tool, screws of the joint-stock company, a plate of the joint-stock company, a spoke, cores, serklyazh, microsurgery, Ilizarov's device, sutural materials which are resolving and not resolving threads, endoprostheses - grids polymeric, endoprostheses for an uroginekologiya, antiadhesive means, wound coverings, a haemo static sponge, production of the ZM company, transpedikulyarny fixing of a backbone, spinal screws, spinal beams, spinal hooks, spinal systems, plates neurosurgical, endoprostheses of vertebras, the neurosurgical tool, gel antiadhesive, the tool and the equipment, sterilization, the Pan-honey cameras, sterilizers air, sterilizers electric, boxes sterilizing round, cameras paroformalinovy, irradiators bactericidal, inhalers nebulizers, the equipment for operating rooms, otsasyvatel, coagulators, lamps, operating tables, medical furniture, cases medical, tables surgical, couches, carts, chairs, stretcher medical, chairs gynecologic, defibrillator monitor, electrocardiographs, monitor resuscitation, medical tool.

Country of manufacture:Hungary
Information is up-to-date: 16.02.2018

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